As you can see from this variety of images we incorporate a mixture of old fashioned style with a contemporary look in our photographic art.

Patti Payne-Haught  - As a member of various professional photographic organizations, and with more than thirty years of experience in fashion, glamour, children and families, Patti's unique blend of photographic and creative expertise has made her a patient and humble photographer. "I've learned to expect the unexpected and to flow with my subjects moods and personalities. Just by being patient and waiting for the expression of human emotion, be it tenderness, beauty, love or youthful innocence, allowing people to be themselves, to interact with each other naturally - THAT is what I capture to make timeless images."

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
~ Scott Adams

Bob Haught - The combination of Bob's love of the outdoors, sensitivity and connection to nature and his understanding of photography makes him an amazing artist. Bob's passion for photography was unleashed when his Father bought him his first camera at 8 years old. He took it to school, and after his teacher, Ms. Goodman saw it, she lined up the class for a shot. Later, he discovered that his Father had an enlarger, so he began to experiment, doing "trick shots" that can easily be done in photoshop today. A friend asked him to shoot his sister's wedding, word got around, and there was a flood of requests. Portraits came next, then macro and extreme telephoto images. It led to his desire to share the beauty of what the world has to offer, a wealth of color, nature and life that is in everyone's backyard.

With Gratitude,
Patti & Bob